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ELA/ Writers Workshop

Science/Social Studies

Special Sounds for Practice!

This week, we finished Unit 1: Ways to count and model numbers through 12 using real objects. This is a review for all students, and they did very well.

This week we started Unit 2: Comparing and ordering numbers.

We will use math vocabulary: greater than and less than, greatest, least, and equal to.

In ELA (English Language Arts), we are reviewing short vowel sounds. This is a refresher for most students.

In writer's workshop, students are learning what it means to become a good writer.

I will often use a sentence starter, sometimes called writing prompts. These help students frame and begin developing their narrative, informative, opinion, and research writing skills. A writing prompt may be “On the first day of school, I felt..” and students will continue by adding writing detail to express how they felt. These are always accompanied by pictures that students can use as a springboard for formulating ideas.

In Social Studies first graders are learning to see who they are in this big world and how we all relate together. In the coming weeks, we will learn about our families and community and how we can live and work together. Throughout this study, we will also learn about the larger context of community, and study economics, civics, history, and geography.

1. O in go

2. Fl in flake

3. E in me

4. Y in fly

5. Bl in block

6. Ay in pray

7. Fl in flake

8. Fr in frog

9. Th in this

10. Th in thick

11. Cl in clock

12. Tr in train

13. Cl in clock

14. Gl in gue

15. Sh in ship



Monday 12th

Tuesday 13th

Wednesday 14th

Thursday 15th

Friday 16th

Our First Art Class for the year!

First Grade Reading Assessment this week

Students will get to check out library books during library time!

PTL meeting 6pm in the Gym

Special Reminders

If you need to get in contact with me please feel free to call or text my cell at 914-522-0276. My email is

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