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Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

Part of the Danbury Community for over 140 years

Immanuel Danbury
Building a Firm Foundation
in a Changing World

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​Tel: 203-748-7823 

​Fax: 203-748-5022

18 Clapboard Ridge Rd

Danbury, CT 06811

Immanuel Lutheran School offers children a Christian-based educational experience, in a caring and compassionate setting.  We offer students, Pre K - 8th Grade, the chance to grow and be challenged in a wonderfully unique environment.  Our staff of dedicated teachers offers a level of specialized instruction designed to help every child meet and exceed their grade level standards. 

As a private school, we are able to offer the benefits found in public schools, and we have the flexibility to customize a child’s educational experience to create the best possible scenario for academic success.  Our class sizes are small so that we are able to differentiate the curriculum to help our students.


Christ is the center-point of our school! Not all of our children are Christians, and that’s not a prerequisite. But, we hope every child benefits from a loving and caring learning environment, a place we hope is pleasing to God!  


There’s a WHOLE lot more I could add! But I think it’s critical for parents and students to see and experience Immanuel Lutheran School first-hand, so please fill out a form, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 


Make an appointment to come see the school in person.  

I look forward to meeting you!
Vickie Baker, Principal

5 Full Days

Available Extended Care

Small Class Sizes

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