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Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

Part of the Danbury Community for over 140 years


  • Immanuel Lutheran School has been providing caring, challenging,Christian education for the greater Danbury-area since 1881. We were the first parochial school to be established in Danbury, and are very proud of our long and distinguished history in the city.

  • Immanuel Lutheran School is fully accredited by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod(, making us part of the largest Protestant school system in the country, with more than 20,000 students and 500 schools nationwide.

  • No.

    As a mission of Immanuel Lutheran Church, we welcome students of all denominations. The school population currently consists of approximately one-third Lutheran church members. Two-thirds of the students belong to other denominations or are not affiliated with any church at all.

  • Religion is an integral part of our school day. Lessons in the classrooms are about being a good Christian, citizen, and a well-rounded person.  Lessons are taught using various Bible stories.  


    On Wednesday mornings, students in grades preschool through eight attend chapel services in the church. The pastor is available to help member and non-member students and families.

  • We welcome prospective students and their parents to visit or call us any time. For more information, please contact the school office at (203) 748-7823.

  • Graduates of Immanuel have been accepted by various public and private high schools, including Canterbury, Choate, Immaculate, Taft and Wooster, and have often received awards and scholarships.

    Immanuel alumni attend many fine universities and colleges, including Ivy League schools.

  • Immanuel Lutheran School offers a very strong academic curriculum. Our full day Pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten are academically based. We also offer Spanish in all grades, starting in the preschool program.

  • Additional special opportunities for students include morning and after-school extended care, art education, instrumental band lessons, music education, a yearly education fair, Junior Girl Scout Troop, physical and health education, and numerous after school clubs.

    Our PTL organization sponsors various school social events and assemblies.

  • Minimal services are provided. Generally, speech, counseling and resource services are available on a limited basis for all students. A school nurse is available for one day each week.

  • Students take the IOWA Tests of Basic Skills, a nationally recognized standardized test, annually.

    Test results, on average, are well above grade level.

  • Homework is an integral part of our program. Kindergarten through eighth grade students have homework, and it is most often graded. On the average, students will have 15 minutes of homework per night, per grade.
    By fourth grade, the average student should have one hour of homework each night; by eighth grade, he or she should have two hours per night.

  • Transportation is provided for students in kindergarten through eighth grade by the Danbury Public Schools. Our students travel on school buses with students from the parochial schools.

    We also have students from Newtown, Bethel, Brookfield and other area towns; some parents of non-Danbury students have formed car pools.

  • There are limited tuition assistance funds available, which are awarded based on economic need. Tuition credit is also available to parents who recommend new students to the school. Immanuel Lutheran Church owns and operates the school and greatly subsidizes the operating budget.

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