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Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

Part of the Danbury Community for over 140 years


In Kindergarten at Immanuel Lutheran School, we learn our Names and all about who I am.  We learn about the seasons through apples, pumpkins, Christmas Trees, flowers, and butterflies.  We learn about Jesus’s birth in Advent to how he saved us on Easter.


The Kindergarten Reading program consists of using the Houghton Mifflin reading program and Abeka phonics workbook.  The program incorporates a variety of Language Arts experiences such as letter and sound recognition, blending, rhyming, and proper letter formation.


Read alouds, shared reading, and independent reading also are important parts of our reading program.  We do author studies from Jan Brett and more. Kindergarten rounds out our reading program with B.E.A.R Logs! (BeExcited About Reading)


Our Writing program uses Handwriting Without Tears and our Word Wall (High Frequency Words). The kindergartners author Class Books, they work on shared writing, interactive writing, and independent writing.

The Kindergarten Math program consists of using the Envision program which covers a variety of concepts such as number recognition and formation, language addition and subtraction, measurement, skip counting, money (introduction to coins), glyphs and different types of charts.


In Social Studies the Kindergarteners cover many topics such as, My Family and Other Families, My community, Community Helpers and Jobs, Rural, Urban, and Suburban, and we enjoy Weekly Scholastic newspapers everyWednesday on our interactive board.


Science includes STEM activities where we study Hermit Crabs/ Fish, Plants and Seeds, Weather and Temperature, Conservation- Earth Day, Cooking, Life Cycles, Building and constructing structures.


Immanuel Lutheran School Religion uses the One in Christ program for Kindergarten to foster an awareness of God in their life and meanings of the special holidays we celebrate.

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