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Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

Part of the Danbury Community for over 140 years

Espanol @ Immanuel

At Immanuel Lutheran School, we are delighted to offer a solid foundation in the Spanish language for future bi-linguists!  Knowing a second language is not just an academic exercise.  For many students, a second language will be necessary for their future careers. 


At Immanuel, all full-time students are given Spanish instruction once a week with opportunities to further their education at home through online apps, homework assignments, and special projects.


Students Pre Kindergarten through 2nd grades begin with our age appropriate and fun
Los Pollitos Dicen curriculum.


Our younger students will learn to :

  • Greet friends, say their name, & name a few farm animals

  • Name some foods, say they like or don’t like something, name colors

  • Describe a little, know the days of the week, ask and answer a few questions

  • Talk about sleeping & waking up, count from 0-15

  • Talk about the 5 senses, learn parts of the body & face



Students 3rd through 8th grades will study one theme at a time:  Estaciones, Mi Vida, and Conversaciones. 

Students will build foundations in vocabulary, verb conjugation, pronunciation, syntax, and grammar usage.


Our older students will learn to:

  • Meet and greet someone, talk about themselves, and ask others about themselves

  • Speak, read, write, and understand full sentences using vocabulary, verbs, and grammar concepts useful in everyday life

  • Ask and answer questions

  • Have short conversations about various topics

  • Conjugate and use verbs in context as well as figure out how to conjugate new verbs based  on what they know

  • Participate in games and activities using only Spanish

  • Pronounce with skill


Repetition is key!  So your child is encouraged to use whatever Spanish they know throughout all my Specials classes.

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