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Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

Part of the Danbury Community for over 140 years

Second Grade

In second grade at Immanuel Lutheran School, we learn in Religion class that Jesus loves each one of us personally as individuals. 


Students grow in Reading and Comprehension skills. We read many kinds of literary selections, learning to identify story settings and drawing conclusions from the text. Students discover how listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all related to one another. They develop grammar, usage and spelling skills. They become familiar with the five stages of the writing process-pre-writing, writing, revising, proofreading  and publishing.


In Social Studies, students learn to think creatively and critically about themselves and their relationship to others.


In Mathematics, students learn to reason mathematically; we cover such objectives as understanding addition and subtraction, sums to 18, patterns and graphs, measurement, two-digit addition and subtraction, geometry and fractions.


We have four units of Science study: Dinosaur Museum, Science in the Kitchen, The Great Outdoors and Show Time!


In Handwriting, students learn to legibly write numerals and the letters in the lowercase and uppercase manuscript alphabet.

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